Invisalign treatment is the ultimate and highly recommended solution for your misaligned teeth. It is an invisible orthodontic technique that will help you to develop a beautiful smile without concern about wearing braces. Whether you’re speaking in a meeting, enjoying a night out, or simply going about your daily routine, Invisalign fits seamlessly into your life.

The Chief Assets of Invisalign Treatment:​

The Complete Procedure of Invisalign:

Why Choose Modest Dentistry for Invisalign Treatment in Scottsdale Phoenix AZ

Modest Dentistry will offer an advanced orthodontic plan of Invisalign for anyone who is not happy with the arrangement of teeth. Our skilled and qualified dentist will give you a thorough treatment plan and the results will be awe-inspiring. We are much focused on the accuracy and success of the procedure with patient-oriented approach.

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Frequently Asked Question

Invisalign are clear aligners which are proven to be an effective way to straight misaligned teeth. They are clear, removable and custom-fitted to the contours of your mouth, so they are comfortable and effective.
This treatment is useful in cases of overbites and underbites, as well as for crowded or gapped teeth. Mostly teens and adults who desires an effective way to address misalignments are the best candidates for Invisalign Treatment.
Definitely not, you can take your Invisalign aligners out whenever you are eating or during teeth brushing. It will not affect your speech and most people will not even notice that you are wearing Invisalign aligners. You may experience little bit pressure during initial adjustment period but after that it will be perfectly normal.
One should wear Invisalign trays whole day and night except during brushing or eating food.
It is very easy to keep Invisalign aligners clean. Some cleaning tablets/solutions are there to clean them or you can just use lukewarm water and normal brush to keep them clean.
The cost of Invisalign treatment depends upon multiple factors which includes complications of different cases, location of dental office and extent of treatment. If you have a mild misalignment of teeth, it will cost you less as compared to complex cases of misalignments.

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  • Honest Assessment Of Your Oral Health, With No Pushy Treatments.
  • Treatment Plan Designed To Meet The ADA Standards of Care

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$ 59
  • Standard Cleaning (with absence of periodontal disease)
  • Diagnostic X-Ray To Check For Underlying Concerns
  • Exam & Oral Cancer Screening

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$ 39
  • Dental Exam & X-Ray
  • Honest Assessment of your dental emergency
  • Treatment Plan Designed To Meet The ADA Standards of Care

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